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Climbing net

Made to any size. Made from 12mm polyhemp rope with 150mm (6″) squares. 


Knotted 28mm polyhemp. Any length.


Rope ladders

Made to any length from 12mm polyhemp rope with round hardwood rungs.

Safety net

Made to any shape or size, from 4mm synthetic rope with 75mm (3″) squares. Available in several colours. Made to any shape or size.


Trapeze bar / rings

Stainless steel, close link galvanised chain and engineered bearings.

Fireman's pole

Made to measure in stainless steel. Allow at least 1.5 metres above the deck and 0.5 metres into concrete base. Pole distance from the deck edge is 0.5 metres. Manufactured to order. 


Slides can start at any height off a platform. Stainless steel slides are manufactured to order. 


Hard rubber seat, close link galvanised chains and engineered bearings. 

Zip wires

Choose between monkey bar or button seat, any length, both made with a 3 metre safety spring. 

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