Log Cabins

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A 16ft x 13ft log cabin and in addition a 6ft wide covered balcony which runs all along the front.

The cabin is finished outside with 6inch machined logs with an 8inch feather board roof. Under the feather board are three layers of roofing felt.

Inside the cabin is finished in 6inch tongue &groove and has been given a very light grey/blue wash. The cabin floor is 6inch planed planks.

The cabin has double doors with glass to the floor with a window on either side. In the rear wall and one side wall there are two more windows (windows and doors are double glazed). At the front of the cabin is a 6ft x 16ft covered balcony. The underneath of the balcony roof is also finished in tongue & groove. The balcony floor is 6inch ribbed decking. The cabin has two outside light points, four lights inside and two double plugs (light fittings are not included and need to be chosen by the client) The whole cabin has 4inches of fibre glass insulation in the walls.

Price guide (no two Castles Carey constructions are the same) £21,450 plus VAT.