UK Workplace Productivity Crisis Revealed

If you struggle to stay focused and motivated in your office job and dream of working from home then you might be interested the best garden home offices available as a solution.

A study carried out by office products firm Fellowes showed that up to half of the workers surveyed said that they often get distracted in the office up to 15 times per day. Employees tend to become distracted roughly every 35 minutes throughout the day.

Two thirds of those that took part in the study said that if they only had to work 4 days rather than 5 would definitely be more productive at work. Grace Marshall, who is an expert in productivity and also the author of the book How To Be Really Productive, spoke to BM Magazine on why this might be the case: “It is our ability to think well that increases the quality and value of our work, not how many hours we show up at the office. In fact, working longer hours can diminish our productivity as well as our wellbeing.”

The UK has the fifth biggest economy across the world but despite ranking so high on the list, when it comes to productivity we rank fairly poorly and come in at number 15 – beaten by the likes of Switzerland and Finland. The research showed the top distractions at work are talking with fellow employees at 77 per cent, having tea and coffee breaks at 60 per cent and searching the internet for things not related to the job at 47 per cent.

Even though you may think you would be more productive if you were working from home, it can come with a whole host of different distractions. In a previous survey carried out across people who worked from home, The Guardian revealed the top distractions home workers face.

One of the biggest distractions are your family. Although you’re present in the house you need to make it clear to all of your family that it doesn’t mean it’s ok to keep disturbing you. Often extended family and friends don’t seem to understand what working from home means – thinking its fine to pop round or that you’re free to go out for lunch.

Also neighbours can become a problem if they see your car parked and know you’re home, you they may start to take advantage of you being in and you could become the designated house to collect parcels.

Food and drink can be a big distraction for home workers, as you don’t have the same structure that’s in place at work. You also don’t feel such a sense of having to rush back to your desk. Setting a timetable for coffee breaks and lunch is good to keep you on track.

Looking at how working in an office and working from your own home both come with many possible problems that can affect your productivity, could a great solution be to have an outdoor garden office or studio.

Having an extra space that you have to physically leave your home to get to may combat many of the productivity issues, and being outside of the house is a great way to prevent family, friends and neighbours from disturbing you in your designated work zone.

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