Old Tree Trunk Transformed Into 7ft Fairy Cottage!

If you’re keen to find some inspiration for your own low level tree house structures at home, why don’t you go down some kind of magical fairy tale route? This would be especially exciting if you’ve got young children at home who still believe in all things fantastical – and you’d have a great time planning it out together as a family.

Have a read of this article on the Brampton Guardian website about Bill Watterson who carved his very own seven-foot fairy cottage treehouse out of a dead silver maple tree. Dubbed Haywood Hollow, the little house boasts a beautiful red front door, a wrought iron door knocker and a wreath of wood and twigs to frame the entrance way.

There’s a cute little set of windows with lace curtains and red trim, a chimney that’s been decorated with some branches and a sloping roof. There’s also a working lantern that lights the cottage up at night. Of course, it’s not the kind of treehouse that you could actually use but the design is delightful and could well give you a few ideas for your own fun outdoor structures, don’t you think?

Speaking to the news source, Mr Watterson – who loves carving in metal, leather and wood – said: “I had pictures in my head on how I wanted this (fairy cottage) to be. I didn’t expect it to become this elaborate, though. It has been very satisfying watching people, both young and old, stop and smile. I wanted to honour the 75-year-old tree. Twelve years ago, I carved an Old Man Winter on the side of the tree and called it Dale, after a prominent pioneer Brampton family that owned several businesses, including a nursery. Our home’s original owner was a member of the Dale family.”

If you’re not particularly taken with a fairy tale theme, there’s no need to panic. Your only limit is your imagination, so go with whatever style and aesthetic you like! But doing a bit of research could be a good idea to see what can be achieved.

We recently blogged about three different themes that might work for you when it comes to treehouse design. What about Bag End if you’re something of a Tolkien fan? We thought it’d look great if you went for round windows and doors, eschewing the more traditional square or rectangle.

Or you could pinch a few ideas from Hollywood blockbuster Hook and really go all out with rope bridges, rope swings, rope ladders… all of which we can certainly help you with here at Castles Carey.

If you’re simply not sure where to begin and don’t want to get off on the wrong foot, make sure you get in touch with us. We’ll be able to explain just what needs to be done and in what order – so don’t go it alone if you’re not feeling especially confident.

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