‘Treehouse’ Office Voted One Of UK’s Best

Now you may have already considered one of our structures for a garden home office, but you might not expect to find a treehouse in any normal workplace. However, the newly named as one of the best office in the UK has been revealed, and you might be surprised at what you’ll find inside.

A new office in Wrexham has been recognised by the British Council for Offices (BCO) for setting a high standard in quality of workplaces.

The new home of company Moneypenny, the office was awarded the accolade of Best Corporate Workplace in Northern England and North Wales, according to The Daily Post.

Designed to be ‘the happiest workplace in the UK’ in conjunction with its 500 staff, Moneypenny has really splashed out with the design, including a in-situ pub, giraffe  and sheep sculptures and, yes, a treehouse.

The treehouse is a focal point in the main atrium of the building, built atop a real tree and hosting a conference room that let’s the attendees look out over this exciting new domain. Light, spacious and most of all fun, the space they’ve created is big enough to home 1,000 staff, leaving the company with ample room to meet their goals of doubling the workforce, and with this office behind them, who wouldn’t want to work there. Staff even get a free breakfast each morning to enjoy in their beautiful new surroundings.

The national office awards take place in October – and the team at Moneypenny certainly have their fingers crossed for a national win!

Ed Reeves, co-founder of Moneypenny, said: “We are immensely proud of our new headquarters and to have it recognised by the BCO s one of the best offices in the country only affirms this.”

It seems that treehouse offices seem to be a bit of trend at the moment, as Amazon have also unveiled their inspiration for their new Seattle-based headquarters and it has a distinct treehouse theme.

According to geekwire.com, the online retail giants are looking to create a forest and urban treehouse with its proposed designs.

The architect is looking to create the treehouse style by allowing staircases to be seen externally in the central reveal of the building, as if they were ladder rungs up to a treehouse. Something a little different to the traditional treehouse you might find in your back garden.

Now, when it comes to your own home office, a treehouse might not be the most practical option for you, but fortunately we’ve also got form for creating this some pretty special structures that perfectly fit the bill. Wooden structures can make great offices and workshops to fit in small spaces at the end of your garden and give you the space, both physically and mentally, to run your business from home.

Of course, if you’re looking to design an equally amazing new office and need some help in creating a show stopping wooden structure, make sure you come to the experts at Castles Carey!

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