Durham Hotel Installs Treehouses

Huts, treehouses and cabins have all proved very popular in the hospitality industry recently, as people look for an unusual place to rest their head on their next trip away.

If you are a hotelier yourself, or just someone who likes the opportunity to explore unusual hotels, you should check out the recent work done by Ramside Hall Hotel and Golf Club.

They have invested millions in various upgrades, including the installation of treehouses.

These two tree houses have been built on stilts and will have 16 windows each, giving guests the opportunity to see over the golf course. Each will have a living room, bathroom with free-standing bath and be made of renewable materials.

Guests at the golf course who choose to stay in the treehouses will also have access to the other newly renewed facilities at the hotel, and on the golf course.  Find out more in Chronical Live.

The popularity of treehouses among tourists is clear when you look at the number of specialist lists and reviews of treehouses that guests can stay in.

These treehouses feature a range of impressive add-ons, cementing their place as must visits, alongside other luxury options. Pools, balconies, fireplaces, even fountains feature in these new luxury treehouses, though playful touches such as rope bridges and hammocks are still popular.

While cabins, wagons and glamping are all very well, we still can’t quite resist the lure of a grown-up tree house for a proper escape to the wild.

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