What About A Bakery In Your Back Garden?

Before having bespoke garden structures installed at home, it’s certainly a wise idea to think about how you intend to use this space and what purpose you want it to serve. These days, man caves and she sheds are all the rage – but what about doing something a little different, like a bakery?

A two-bedroom terraced house has just gone on the market in Birmingham, not far from Bournville train station, that actually has its own wood-fired oven outside on the terrace… which could certainly prove to be the inspiration you’re looking for if you like this kind of idea.

According to the Birmingham Mail, artisan bakery Loaf used to make its baguettes, focaccia and loaves out of this charming little bakery, supplying neighbours with lots of lovely fresh bread. And you could do the same yourself with just a little bit of ingenuity!

In actual fact, it doesn’t seem particularly tricky to build your own pizza oven so what you could do is call out a company like Castles Carey to help you construct the perfect shed or outdoor structure to house it and then try out your DIY skills to build the oven itself.

Make sure you pick a place with lots of space around it (preferably in full sunlight) and that you’re happy with the location, as you won’t be able to pick your oven up to move it if you change your mind. Or you could just be a bit lazy and buy a wood fired oven so all the hard work is done for you by someone else!

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