Arrr, It’s A Pirate Ship Treehouse!

Deciding on a theme for your treehouse is always a good idea before you actually start to build, otherwise you might not find that the theme is realised as well as it could have been. Checking out what other intrepid treehouse builders have been up to is also advisable, to see if there are any ideas you can pinch for your own designs.

With that in mind, we’ve just come across this article on the ABC News website about a 48-year-old retired attorney who has spent the last 14 months building a stunning garden structure by hand for himself – which looks like an incredibly lifelike pirate ship!

Steven Hill, from Arizona, succeeded in building himself a 35ft-tall pirate ship treehouse in his back garden, explaining that he first got the idea after they moved to Casa Grande around two years ago. The backyard had a big ponderosa pine tree in it, which he thought would be perfect for a little cabin in the sky.

But it seems as though he took this idea and ran with it, spurred on by his serious interest in the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise – which inspired the pirate ship theme. And this story just goes to show that it’s not just children who love a treehouse – Mr Hill has no kids of his own but created something truly special in any case, which he no doubt gets an awful lot of joy from now it’s done and dusted.

The ship itself is 40ft in length and even has a crow’s nest, which Mr Hill says is now the tallest structure in all of Casa Grande. And, while he doesn’t have any children to call his own right now, he’s certainly keen to let young ones come over and play, cutting a doorway in his back gate so that local kids can come and use the treehouse whenever they want. And he also has plans in place to invite children being treated for cancer to come over and take part in all the fun.

Discussing the construction of the house, Mr Hill explained that he can now just sit and relax as others enjoy it because he spent so much time mulling over the tiniest of details at the beginning of the planning process. “My worst fear … was if I didn’t build it strong enough I was going to have to go out there and fix things all the time,” he said. “I built this ship so strong that, fortunately, I don’t have to really go out and fix things,” he told the news source.

Boat-shaped treehouses certainly aren’t uncommon and it’s something you can achieve for yourself – although if you do need some expert guidance, give us a call at Castles Carey today. For even more ideas, read our blog post about a man from Toronto who built a boat-shaped house in his back garden so his kids could spend more time outside. The importance of planning permission is also highlighted in this particular story!

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