Airbnb’s Most ‘Wished For’ Is An Amazing Treehouse

Now, you may think treehouses are the preserve of children’s clubhouses alone, but did you know, for example, that the most wished for listing on Airbnb is actually a treehouse? Okay, so it may be in the Atlanta rather than in the wilds of Sussex reports the Standard, but taking this as an example, there’s no reason you couldn’t recreate a treehouse (or a whole load of treehouses) in this style if you own land and create your own treehouse escape for those who want a stay with a difference.

After all, they won’t be able to book to stay in the Airbnb treehouse for a long time, as its calendar is pretty fully booked, and at a price of £297 a night, it’s a nice little earner.

Well we’ve decided to break down what makes this most lusted after treehouse so special, and give some practical advice on how you could steal the style, whether for your home’s low level treehouse or for something for a blossoming business idea.

First up let’s look at size. Now while many wished for properties on Airbnb are cavernously huge mansions, the treehouse will only fit two people. In a weird way, this is part of its charm. It is intimate, it is romantic and it’s unlikely you’d ever have to take your kids there to ruin the mood. When it comes a treehouse, the small size is part of its charm – we don’t want to have something that looks like a ski chalet nested among the trees.

And of course, it’s these trees which really gives this treehouse its wow factor. Not only does the treehouse look amazing from an outsiders perspective, its view from within are also incredible. Windows are undoubtedly part and parcel of this charm, as the treehouse has large windows meaning you really do feel as though you are among the trees.

Despite these windows containing glass panels, they remain true to the treehouse aesthetic, and haven’t been replaced with any newer material to make the treehouse appear more modern or more of a house. Treehouses are made wood – let’s keep it that way!

When it comes to fixtures and fittings – the treehouse is charmingly basic. It has some comfortable vintage furniture and a bed, that’s all. There’s no need for practice considerations like a bathroom, as guests can use one in the owner’s residence which is a stone’s throw away. The treehouse is all about the visual impact, which is probably why 151,330 people have saved this property to their wishlist.

The part that really seals the deal with this treehouse are the dreamy bridges. Dressed with fairy lights and connecting the two treehouse rooms, you can’t help but fall a little bit in love with this short-stay home. The bridge adds a sense of space to what are quite small rooms, connecting the inside to the forest outside. If you want to recreate the look, bridges are something of a forte of the Castle Carey team.

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