8 Uses For your Bespoke Garden Structures

If you’ve got the space outside, installing bespoke garden structures is a great way of extending your living space and helping you achieve the house of your dreams. But once you’ve got your structure in place, what should you use it for? Here are a few ideas to serve as excellent inspiration.

A playroom

You might not have the space inside to house all your kids’ toys, but a shed or similar outside could be the answer you’ve been looking for. You could style the structure so it looks like a Wendy house and then fill it with everything your little ones love to play with, so that they’re not underfoot and your kids can make as much mess as they like.

A home cinema

It’s all about luxury for garden sheds and similar these days, so what about turning your new structure into an at-home cinema? This would be brilliant during the summer when you’ve got friends over – and will minimise the amount of mess you’ll have to clear up in the house after everyone’s gone home as well.

A gym

If you love to exercise but find you don’t have time during the day when you’re at work, turning your shed into a gym is a brilliant way to go about this. Stock it with your favourite gym machines and some free weights, and away you go!

An observatory

Those of you who live to stargaze could do so very comfortably indeed if you adapt your structure to allow for this. Talk to us here at Castles Carey to see how we could fix the structure so the roof opens up at night and lets you look at the stars all night.

A bar

It couldn’t be easier to turn a shed into a bar! Have some outdoor bar stools set up at the entrance on some flag paving, wire it up so you can a fridge for all your favourite tipples, then decorate away with gardening tools, plants, old shutters and lots of reclaimed wood.

A pet haven

If you love animals but don’t love how much they leave their hair on all your favourite home furnishings, you could give them their very own living space by having a bespoke structure built in your garden.

A bird hide

Spotting your favourite birds can be tricky since they tend to fly away as soon as anyone approaches, but you could indulge your favourite hobby of bird-watching if you set up a garden shed with this in mind.

A music room

Whether it’s you who lives to bang on the drums or one of your children just learning a new musical instrument, having a space dedicated to all things music is a good idea – not least because everyone else can go about their day undisturbed!

If you like some or all of these ideas and want to know what the next step is, get in touch with us at Castles Carey today.

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