6 Home Design Trends For Your Log Cabins

A really fun part of building your own log cabins is shopping for all the little touches after the actual construction part has come to an end. It’s certainly worth checking out all the latest interior design trends to see if there are any you’d like to bring in to your own little house – so here are just a couple that might tickle your pickle this year.

Heart Wood – Dulux Colour of the Year 2018

Say goodbye to Denim Drift, the must-have colour of this year… there’s a new kid on the block and according to Dulux it’s the calming shade of Heart Wood, a dusky mauve tone that’s intended to bring a real sense of calm into our homes from 2018. Find out more about it on the Homes and Property website.


You may well have come across this term over the last few months if you’ve been thinking seriously about the design of your new shed, cabin or hut. It would work perfectly for these kinds of projects because it encapsulates the idea of acknowledging a special feeling or moment, whether that’s at home or out with your friends.

For interiors, this translates as the creation of a sense of intimacy, cosiness, charm, happiness, familiarity and comfort… so think about using natural materials, candles (carefully, in a wooden structure!), a sort of Scandi-style sense of design… all of which would work brilliantly in a tree house or similar.

Mid-century modern

What we love about mid-century modern design is just how timeless it is, so you could decorate your hut this year and in ten years’ time it would still feel fresh, new and contemporary. Minimalism is key here, which works well with smaller structures that have less space to play with, but try to bring in a few glamorous elements here and there to complement the more rustic nature of your shed to perfection.

Black accents

An emerging trend right now for interiors is black outlines and accents, which can be brought in anywhere you so desire. In the kitchen, for example, you could use black lines in your subway tiles, or you could invest in throw cushions and other textiles with black and white geometric patterns to use in your bedroom or living room. Easy and effective as a style – and one that’ll never go out of fashion.


Interestingly, one of the top trends making waves right now where interiors are concerned is the peacock! Perhaps don’t bring any feathers into your cabin because it’s said that these can be bad luck but you can hit the trend head on wallpaper, cushions, curtains or even paint in emerald greens and blues (both big colour trends at the moment as well).

Soft edges

When shopping for furniture, look out for pieces with rounded edges as these are coming to the fore increasingly at the moment. Substantial home furnishings are on the money for sofas and armchairs, so bear this in mind as well.

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