5 Security Tips For Your Garden Home Offices

Man sheds, she sheds, garden home offices and other bespoke structures make wonderful additions to a home – and they’re a brilliant way of extending your living space and giving yourself somewhere to get away from it all if you need to. But you need to make sure you prioritise security for these spaces in the same way you would your actual house.

Recent research from The Crime Prevention Website shows that just 14 per cent of sheds are considered to be very well secured, while 39 per cent were found to be not that well secured… so it’s clear that homeowners around the UK could be doing a lot more in this regard.

These days, it’s not uncommon for there to be a lot of big ticket expensive items in sheds and outdoor buildings, so you do need to protect your investment in whatever way you can. Having a big thick shed door installed is a must, as this will be harder to break through – and burglars will make a lot of noise in the process as well.

Make sure you have locks installed on all doors and windows to make it harder for people to gain entry and you could even have alarms fitted if there’s electricity running to the shed.

Anchoring your shed is also a good idea, especially if it’s on the small side. Thieves could potentially lift up one side of a tiny shed to get inside so bear this in mind as well. And it might also be a good idea to mark your belongings with a UV pen so that if something is stolen the police have more chance of recovering it for you.

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