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This wonderful, ‘hidden away’ home office gives the owner everything she wanted. It is quiet, very sunny and only 30 meters from the house. Cool in summer and very cosy in the winter.

Outside it is finished in waney edge board, with a feather board roof. The inside is fully lined both walls and ceiling with tongue & groove. Wooden floor. The walls and ceiling have four inches of insulation. Three windows and a four pane door make this office very light.

Not included in the price are the electrics and the stone terrace at the front.

Price guide (no two Castles Carey constructions are the same) £9,950 plus VAT.

Increase your ‘living space’ with a Garden Home Office or Log Cabin. Most garden buildings now do not need planning permission and the additional space would enhance any home. The great advantage of a home office, near the house but not a ‘commute’, is a wonderful private space with all the advantages of being at home but being separate from all the everyday pressures that interupt a business day. The home office can be any size and even the smallest garden can accomodate a pretty, rustic home office tucked away at the bottom of the garden. Larger gardens have more scope for building something larger perhaps incorporating within the office a ‘home gym’ or a ‘dark room’ or a ‘hobbies room’. The home office is hugely enhanced with a deck outside meaning that work in the summer can be done outside or once the working day is finished, relaxing with family and friends. Moving house is so expensive these days so making the most of your available space with a home office makes so much sense. If you do not need a home office then increase the use of your garden with a log cabin. Log cabins have so many uses but mainly as extra accomation, a retreat for the teenage children or as a brilliant focus for entertaining and BBQs. If the log cabin can be hidden from the house then the excitement and secrecy is all the greater. A small kitchen and an eco loo would make this a place that you wouldn’t want to leave! So why not expand your horizons and increase your living space with a home office or log cabin.