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A 10ft square tree house, sitting on a deck 16ft 6ins x 20ft, squeezed in between two very old Walnut trees. The tree house is approximately 10ft off the ground. There is a 3ft wide balcony all the way round the tree house and on the fourth side at the front there is a great deck of 6ft 6ins x 16ft 6ins. The tree house has waney edge board on the outside, tongue and groove board on the inside including the ceiling and a four pitch cedar shakes roof rising to a wooden finial. Three opening windows and a half glazed four pane door. There is a continuous handrail all round the deck with wooden spindles. Access is via a semi circular, open tread staircase with rope rails. On the tree house deck there are the following accessories: a knotted climbing rope, a rope ladder, a climbing wall and a climbing net. From the main deack a 27ft ‘V’ Burma bridge leads to a free standing, five sided satellite platform. This platform has been finished in the same way as the main deck. On this platform are a stainless steel fireman’s pole and a wooden access ladder.

Price guide (no two Castles Carey constructions are the same) £21,995 plus VAT.