The Silver Tree House

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A 9ft square tree house, sitting on a deck 15ft x 20ft, with the deck surrounding the lovely old oak tree. The tree house will be 8ft 6inches off the ground on one side and over 11ft the other side. There is a balcony all the way round the tree house, including the tree. The tree house will have waney edge board on the outside, tongue and groove board on the inside both walls and ceiling with a four pitch cedar shingles roof rising to a wooden finial. Two double opening windows and a half glazed four pane door. There will be a continuous handrail all round the deck with square spindles. Access will be via a wooden ladder. Activities include: a climbing net, climbing wall, knotted climbing rope and a rope ladder.

Price guide (no two Castles Carey constructions are the same) £21,000 plus VAT.