The Oak

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‘An 8ft x 6ft six sided tree house built on the lake side of the tree with a walkway all round the tree house and tree approximately 10ft off the ground. The tree house was finished on the outside in waney edge board and with shiplap on the inside. The roof is rustic thatch. The door is solid planks with a small window and two proper windows, one on either side.

Above the tree house is a crows nest accessible by a ladder from the main deck. Tree house activities include a knotted rope, rope ladder and climbing net stretching from the deck to the ground. There is a sleeping platform in the roof of the tree house. A swing hangs from one of the oak tree branches.

A zip wire runs from the tree house to a second tree 140ft away. Underneath the launch area on the deck is a 10ft x 8ft safety net. From the tree house runs a 65ft plank and rope bridge to a free standing thatched turret on an island in the middle of the lake. (NB. The lake is being dug now that the bridge and turret have been finished)

Price guide (no two Castles Carey constructions are the same) £23,500 plus VAT.