The French Oak

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An irregular shaped deck 18ft x 23ft approximately 9ft 6inches off the ground. 3ft wide balconies all round the 10ft x 12ft tree house except at the front where the balcony will be 10ft wide giving an entertaining space 10ft x 18ft. The tree house has a two pitch cedar shakes roof, the walls are finished outside in waney edge board and inside in tongue and groove.

Inside the tree house will be a sleeping platform, above head height, all down one side. There are four windows, one of which is circular and provides light and air to the sleeping platform. The door is a nine pane stable door. The tree house is accessed by an open tread semi circular stair case with rope hand rails.

Underneath the tree house and mirroring the top deck is a ground floor deck. From the main deck a 20ft rope and plank bridge stretches to a remote platform, accessed by a wooden ladder. Accessories include: a climbing net, stainless steel slide, trapeze bar and rings, a stainless steel fireman’s pole, double swings, monkey bars and a 60meter zip wire.

Price guide (no two Castles Carey constructions are the same) £25,750 plus VAT.