The Cherry

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An 8ft square summerhouse raised off the ground 9ft. The summerhouse to have a balcony all the way round with the south side balcony to be large enough for a few people to be able to have drinks. The clay tile roof to be 14ft square, covering the balcony on three sides and on the fourth side to leave an uninterrupted balcony.

The outside of the summerhouse to be waney edge board, the inside of the summerhouse and the under side of the balcony roof to be in shiplap. Plain balcony rails all round with plain square spindles. Access by way of a 3ft wide open tread staircase. Interior 6 inch planed wooden planks with two sleeping platforms in the roof. Exterior floor and underneath of whole structure finished in 6 inch wooden ribbed decking. Whole summerhouse stained olive green.

Price guide (no two Castles Carey constructions are the same) £19,500 plus VAT.