The Cedar

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A retreat built entirely for adults and therefore there are no additions for children such as ropes, rope ladders etc. (these could easily be added). Large deck to enable both dining and entertaining for at least ten people.

An 8ft x 10ft ‘castle’ finished on the outside, both walls and roof, in overlapped 6″ featherboard. Internal height 9ft at the apex and 7ft at the eaves. One end is 9ft off the ground with the other end 25ft off the ground, supported by four oak trees, extending out over an old quarry.

The deck on two sides, finished in 6″ ribbed exterior decking, is an irregular shape and at its largest is 18ft x 29ft. Three double glazed windows and a double door (also double glazed). Finished inside, both walls and ceiling, in shiplap. Fitted with a log burning stove. Open tread staircase, 3ft wide, coming up to the deck through an old twisted oak tree. The whole deck and staircase fitted with proper banisters, spindles and newel posts.

Price guide (no two Castles Carey constructions are the same) £19,750 plus VAT.

(NB. the log burning stove is not included in this price).