The Birch

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A deck 16ft x 10ft (at its largest). This deck is 11ft off the ground at the lower end and is accessed by an open tread staircase which winds its way up the tree trunk. Most of this deck is covered by a cedar shakes roof, headroom at the eaves is 7ft and at the apex 10ft. Everywhere has a handrail and rustic 2inch thick spindles. Sitting in the crown of the tree, about 8ft above the main deck is a crow’s nest roughly 5ft x 4ft, reached by a two stage wooden ladder.

From the main deck, at the top of the stairs, a 24ft manila Burma rope bridge runs to a second platform round a birch tree. This platform is approximately 5ft square. It is accessed by a wooden ladder and also has a stainless steel fireman’s pole.

Price guide (no two Castles Carey constructions are the same) £14,950 plus VAT.