London Bridge

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london  bridge

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An 8ft x 10ft tree house on a deck 15ft 6ins x 18ft which surrounds a large Cedar tree. The deck is 10ft off the ground. The tree house is clad outside in waney edge board, inside with shiplap and has cedar shingles on the roof. Inside the tree house, in the roof, are two sleeping platforms.

The tree house has three windows (building industry standard). A plain balcony rail with 2inch spindles runs all round the deck. There are many ways up to the tree house a) a proper staircase b) rope ladder c) 6ft x 13ft manila rope climbing net d) a combination of two climbing nets, a platform and a ramp e) a wooden ladder and f) over the 20ft Burma rope bridge from a second platform.

The second platform surrounds another cedar tree (36ft away from the first cedar tree). The 20ft rope Burma rope bridge stretches between the two platforms. Off the second deck there is a stainless steel fireman’s pole and a stainless steel slide 18ft long. Other activities include a) a swing off a branch b) a tyre swing off a branch c) a knotted climbing rope off a branch d) monkey bars underneath the main deck with an access ladder either end e) a trapeze bar and trapeze rings and f) a wooden access ladder to the second platform.

Price guide (no two Castles Carey constructions are the same) £28,850 plus VAT.