The Horse Chestnut

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Due to close neighbours, this tree house is on the ground with all the activities above it. There is a 10ft x 8ft ground level ‘tree house’ with a 4ft wide covered balcony in front. It has waney edge walls with a feather board roof . Inside it is fully lined with tongue and groove. It has one window and a nine pane stable door on the covered balcony.

Across the back of the ‘tree house’ at roof level is a long ‘T’ shaped walkway joining 5 trees, accessed by a wooden ladder. From either end of this walkway run two Burma rope bridges (one 33ft long and one 19ft long) to a remote satellite platform, built round a tree. This satellite platform is also accessed by a wooden ladder. There is also a climbing net and a climbing rope.

Price guide (no two Castles Carey constructions are the same) £16,500 plus VAT.