Ice Cream Parlour

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This is situated in a small theme park. The building has two primary uses, firstly during the day in the summer as an ice cream parlour and secondly, all year round, as a special events venue (private parties, small product launch, AGM’s). Maximum capacity 40 people though in the summer, using the main deck it could be 80 people). It is a 7.5 metre octagon (side to side) finished inside with tongue and groove board, walls and ceiling, and outside with Waney edge board. The roof has eight pitches and is finished in Cedar shingles. There are three sets of double doors, two large windows and two half glazed single doors. On the eighth side inside there is a 2 meter wide and 1.8 metre long passage to a 3.6 metre square kitchen/service area. This kitchen has two large windows and one half glazed door. There is a metre wide balcony all round except at the front where the balcony is 3meters wide. Access is via a straight staircase on one side, a spiral staircase on the other side and a service staircase at the rear. At the rear there is a separtate building with two lavatories. On both sides there are rope bridges leading to platforms in the trees and two more spiral staircases.

Guide price (no two Castles Carey structures are the same) £94,000 plus VAT.