Port Regis School

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A deck 24ft x 18ft, encompassing a large tree with a hexagonal open sided tree house. A solid 13ft walkway leads to an irregular shaped deck round a large willow. This deck has a semi circular, open tread staircase. A 13ft solid walkway leads to the central deck which is an irregular shape, 16ft x 13ft at its largest. From here a Burma rope bridge 16ft long leads to a irregular shaped satellite platform, 12ft x 10ft at its largest.

Leading off this platform is a second Burma bridge 15ft long to a platform encompassing a multi trunk Beech tree. This platform is 16ft x 10ft with a two pitched ‘floating roof’ covered in Cedar shakes. From here a solid walkway, 24ft long, leads to a small satellite platform. From here a short solid walkway leads back to the central platform.

In the middle of this area a ramp leads to the ground and then back up to one of the walkways. Activities include: 6 swings, a stainless steel slide, 3 stainless steel fireman’s poles, a climbing net, a climbing wall, 2 Burma rope bridges, knotted climbing rope, trapeze bar, trapeze rings and 3 wooden ladders

Price guide (no two Castles Carey constructions are the same) : price on application.