The Ivy

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A central platform 12ft square built round a large oak tree approximately 10ft off the ground. The platform has a ribbed decking floor. There is a handrail all the way round with rustic 2” spindles.

At the rear of the platform is an open tread staircase with the same style of hand rail and spindles. From the main platform a 21ft Burma rope bridge stretches to a satellite platform attached to another large tree. From this platform a 15ft x 4ft manila rope climbing net stretches from the ground up and over the balcony rail.

A second rope bridge 17ft long stretches to another platform round another large tree. This platform is accessed by a wooden ladder and it also has a stainless steel fireman’s pole. Both satellite platforms are built in the same style as the main platform.

Price guide (no two Castles Carey constructions are the same) £14,750 plus VAT.