About us

How Did We Start?

Castles Carey started, as with so many companies, by accident…

Continuing On…

When my son reached the age of two and was becoming very active, I started looking at the various options for outdoor adventure, such as swings, climbing boards, ladders, etc. He already had a large sandpit and we wanted a wider variety of activities. My research showed me that there were two routes: firstly the metal combination climbing kits which are very functional but unattractive and, secondly, the flat pack wooden kits, erected by various suppliers in a day or two. I decided to visit one of the wooden manufacturers (I had already discounted the metal frames as a bit of an eyesore in a garden) and found that they all came with some form of limitation in age or weight restrictions. It seemed to me that if you were going to spend a sizeable sum of money on a play area, then the least it should do is last the children many years and not be discarded through lack of use at 10 years old. I continue to enjoy having a swing to this day, so this set me thinking.

So was born my first set of…

swings and climbing frames – robust, attractive, which fitted well in an English garden, would take any weight or age and received many admiring comments. This led to various friends enquiring as to whether I might build something for them.


  • Personal background – Jeffrey Carey
  • Four years in 1st The Queens Dragoon Guards
  • Twelve years in picture framing and suppliers of raw materials to picture framers
  • Six years as sales and marketing director of Cliveden Hotel
  • 15 years at Castles Carey




Tree-houses and tree forts can be built solely within a huge tree, they can be partially supported by tree trunks or totally free standing. The tree house can be any height off the ground and finished in so many different ways. The fun of having a wooden playhouse or tree house is all the associated activity that goes with it, the most popular being the fireman's pole and the Burma rope bridge.



Browse our rope bridges for tree houses and other wooden structures. Climbing nets can be made to any size. Ropes are made from manila and cut to any size, as are our rope ladders. We also construct safety nets and rope and plank bridges.


For children and adults!

Let your imagination run riot! Adventure areas come in all shapes and sizes and Castles Carey can make them fit into any garden or wood. From a small, free standing adventure play frame to a series of climbing frames, walkways, rope bridges, platforms and crows nests with all the activities that you can imagine ...


Anything you want

Castles Carey will build you anything you want, provided it is different and in wood! We have the advantage of being able to tailor your building to fit any space or terrain. Whether it be a tree-house for B & B, a large octagon for an ice cream parlour on a theme park, a raised viewing platform to watch a herd of bison or a traditional octagonal bandstand, or a rope bridge across a wide ravine, we will cover all eventualities.